Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses offer another option in the choice of visual correction. Whether for particular working environments, leisure activities, social events and many other situations we will advise you on the most appropriate option.

Contact Lenses are categorised as Medical Appliances and, by law, need to be fitted and monitored by a Registered Eyecare Professional.



Can be worn all day and then removed.

MONTHLY: The original form of frequent replacement lens that promoted better health and ease of use. Improvements in materials and design helped to increase their popularity.

FORTNIGHTLY: Excellent lenses for eyes that have thicker tears that may soil the lenses more easily.

DAILY: No need for cleaning or disinfecting with these lenses as they are worn just once. They are very convenient as well as comfortable. Excellent for children.



Can be worn during sleep

MONTHLY: Where the eyes accept these high oxygen permeable lenses they can be used for 30 days and nights continuously.

WEEKLY: Another option in overnight wear lenses. More hygienic than monthly lenses due to the frequency of change.

FLEXIBLE: A schedule of lens wear that is mainly for day use with the flexibility of occasional overnight use for special occasions, weekends away. Probably more popular than Extended Wear.


Sport Multifocal Aftercare


SOFT: This is the type of lens that originated in the 1970s and increased people’s confidence in the ability to wear lenses comfortably. Not used so regularly now due to the improved hygiene available with frequent replacement lenses.

RIGID/GAS PERMEABLE LENSES: These lenses give excellent vision. They need an adaption period which can be variable. They are best suited to full time wear.


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