Eye wear today is exciting, comfortable, and fun to wear. A fashion accessory in themselves, spectacles come in all shapes, sizes and a range of weights, so you really will be able to find the perfect frame for you.

We look to provide we
ll made frames while keeping up to date with new styles. From low-cost (yet still practical, fashionable and durable) to quality brands that suit face shapes and skin tones. Our friendly staff can help you choose the right frames both for your face and your budget.

Trendy, traditional, plain or outrageous, whatever your preference, we have a selection for you to experiment with until you find the look for you.


In choosing the right spectacles, most attention is given to the frame, but it is important also to consider the effect of the lenses on the final product. Using 'off-the-shelf' lenses can be convenient, cost effective and quick, but it may not enhance the look of your specs.

Thinner, more attractive lenses can be achieved in a number of ways, the simplest of which is not to use a stock, off-the-shelf lens but to surface it down to a size that is right for the frame. Our electronic frame tracer will do this at no charge.

ASPHERIC LENSES: These lenses give comfortable vision as well as being a thinner, lighter lens. This is achieved using more accurate lens curves. Traditionally lenses have been made so the surface is spherical. But if the surface is flatter towards the edge - more elliptical, - then not only do you get a much better image quality and so more comfortable vision, but they're thinner as well.

For higher prescriptions, lenses up to 40% thinner can be achieved by using higher refractive index materials with aspheric lens surfaces and anti-reflection coatings.

FREEFORM LENSES:  Due to digital wave front technology we can also optimise peripheral vision by adapting the lens to the eye rotation and frame design. For example, some frame styles have a more horizontally curved front. Modern freeform lenses reduce distortion giving even better visual comfort. The advent of computer controlled surfacing has given rise to huge improvements in Varifocal lenses that optimise their performance to reduce distortions and the 'swim effect' that plagued past lens types. Whether you are playing golf or skiing, in the office or driving, we can prioritise the progression to suit your lifestyle.

We will be happy to talk over the options for your spectacles.


For Customised Prescription Lenses

An image is taken of you with your chosen frame. This image will capture your natural head and body position while assessing the location of the required correction in relation to your pupils, including the curve of the frame.

There is no need for a cumbersome measuring attachment and is extremely accurate due to the wide distance between the two cameras

* Available in Southampton

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