Computer Vision


Neck Pain            Eyestrain                 Dry Eyes
           Back Pain            Blurred Vision
Sore Eyes             Headaches                Tired Eyes

Students and adults alike spend more time at computers today than 20 years ago.

Good posture is extremely important. Unnatural alignment of the body can cause head, shoulder, neck and back pain. Computer vision syndrome can get worse the longer you continue the activity.

Working at a computer also requires that the eyes continuously focus, move back and forth, and align with what you are seeing. You may have to look down at papers and then back up to type, and the eyes have to accommodate to changing images on the screen in order to create a clear picture for the brain to interpret.

All of these functions require a lot of effort from eye muscles. Working on a computer is more challenging to your eyes than reading a book or piece of paper, because a computer screen also adds the elements of screen contrast, flicker, and glare.

If you feel your posture is correct but are still uncomfortable at your computer we have different spectacle lenses designed specifically to make these tasks easier.  
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